In our current era we are associated with a variation and cultural differences. In today’s society we do not abide by certain rules and can express ourselves in the way we choose. For example in my TMD 240 class, we learn about how there are certain styles that men and women each wore in different eras. However in our “current” era we each have our own unique style that it makes it difficult to associate one style with the current era.  One of the many influences that contribute to our style is pop culture; pop culture has played a huge impact on the way we dress. Pop culture shows different styles through mass media where it can be seen through your television or online. Fashion is seen differently in the local and global in terms of distinct cultural references. For example fashion in Rhode Island is very different from the fashion you see in other countries like India. India fashion consists of different fashion styles that is mainly associated with their culture and religion which differs from Rhode Island fashion.


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