PoMo & (Re)structuring- Jenna Swanholm

In our current era, there is a lot of cultural differences and variations. There are a variety of cultures and subcultures in the world today because we live in a time where anything goes. People are free to be there own person and express themselves however they like. This means that everyone uses their fashion and clothing choices as a form of personal expression. There also isn’t just one way of dressing now, or one style that the majority follows. There are a ton of style icons, style leaders, designers, and fashion brands that contribute to the multitude of trends and styles that are accepted by the public. It is normal for our culture, especially for our generation, to experiment with different styles to find out what they like best or they just like to switch up their styles constantly. Models are very influential in our era and MANY people idolize them for their fashion sense and style. Our pop culture is heavily influenced by models and celebrities and that influence just continues to grow  as the years go on. I would say the most distinct cultural difference is between us (america) and the middle east. Middle eastern people have cultural standards in terms of fashion based on their religion. They focus heavily on modesty and covering up the body, which is obviously very unlike the U.S. There really isn’t a cultural standard of how we are expected to dress ourselves in the states which allows for a variety of styles and cultures of dress.


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