PoMo & (re) structuring

When looking at our current society and the era which we live in I believe its safe to say that in fashion anything goes now a days. As we’ve discussed a lot in this class, this new phenomena of technology and social media has gained a global reputation in altering the way which we think and dress. Though in the past the majority of fashion was simple and worn frequently, this current era looks to fashion as creating a variation within ourselves. With all the influential models, celebrities, and designers being constantly advertised our current generation has been able to reach out to all cultures and style differences and incorporate them into there own wardrobe and lifestyles. There is no such thing as the “norm” in fashion anymore due to the reason that this era can reach out to all cultures and all lifestyles. When looking deeper into global fashion however, one distinct culture difference with dress I would say is in the middle east. The middle east being very religious has a traditional set of rules about dress which this culture must obey by. While the American culture has drifted away from following many of the american traditions, the middle east on the other hand still uses there traditions to create a lifestyle and a future. Middle eastern fashion follows trends based on religion and respect while American culture follows trends and fashion based on whats most popular or “hot” within social media or influential individuals.


One thought on “PoMo & (re) structuring

  1. It is crazy to think that there are so many different cultures today who embody different styles and style influencers. There are so many different ‘norms’ of fashion now and we can create our own individual sense of fashion by taking bits and pieces of each cultural aspect to create our own sense of ‘norm’.

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