PoMo Nov 17

Fashion in the past I think was very focused on similarity. If you were to look at a picture from the past of men or women dress (and you had the knowledge) you would be able to associate them with an era by their clothing. But as time as progressed and in the “current era” in the United States and locally uniqueness and expressiveness are praised. We have more freedom to experiment and we are not criticized as we may have been in the past for change. But even though there is new expression of dress cultural/global dress can identify and associate someone to a culture or a religion. Certain religions or regions globally call for different dress to adjust to the trends in that society. For example Muslim women usually cover themselves with a parka or burqa.


One thought on “PoMo Nov 17

  1. I agree completely. In the past most people tended to dress similar to one another because it was safe. But now a days, dress is used as self expression in many religions and cultures. Since women are now considered equal to men, in most cultures, they are more likely to express themselves to how they please. In todays world it is more about standing out rather than blending in such as the past.

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