PoMo and (re)structuring – Allie Blaisdell

In the current era of fashion, there are many cultures and cultures within cultures or sub-cultures. We are no longer held by standards or rules of fashion and have a much more freer, relaxed fashion moments than in years before. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the fashion was much more restricted in terms of creativity used and was very strict and kept to classic, elegant manners. Today, we are able to speak freely with what we want to decorate our bodies with. This includes apparel, but also tattoos and piercings also fall into this category of creativity as we modernly embody the “free spirit” and “bohemian” elements.

Pop culture as a whole has influenced fashion and is a new concept that was not available to society in past decades. We are highly influenced by the media and what the newest celebrities and style icons are wearing, which is also something that older generations have not had access to as this has changed the way we see local and global fashions. We can be influenced by our peers, locally, but globally can be influenced by our favorite celebrity or model from Europe or even Los Angeles, USA.



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