PoMo and (re)structuring

There are several different variations and cultural differences in the current era today. People can express themselves in several different ways because of the different subcultures around the world. Years ago almost all women or men around the same age dressed very similarly; today we all wear different clothes for the most part. We have more freedom to do what we want. Pop culture brings the main fashion ideas into the view of everyone through social media and other channels. It is mostly influenced by celebrities and others in the spotlight. This media is available to everyone everywhere. Fashion is very different in local and global terms. The styles of clothing we wear here at URI are very different than what people wear in different countries or religion. Muslim women have to cover up their bodies and Christians do not have those kinds of rules. These traditional distinctions are not influenced by pop culture.


One thought on “PoMo and (re)structuring

  1. I agree with your statement about celebrities and those who are in the spot light influencing peoples in fashion tastes. If there is a new popular trend going on we all see the celebrities wearing it before hand and we are able to see this because of social media such as blogs. fashion websites, and Instagram. I wonder if there would be so many new trends if social media wasn’t as relevant as it is in today’s world.

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