Alex Heidenthal- PoMo & (Re)structuring

There is a lot of variation and cultural differences in the current era. Whenever I think of this topic, I think back to the 50’s. It seemed as if in the 50’s, everyone was supposed to be the same. Culture was heavily set on the stereotypical ideas of how everyone should look, act, be, etc. Now in the current era, it seems that being different and having variations is celebrated. Individuality is an important idea permeating throughout our culture. There are many “sub-cultures” in today’s world that have resulted from this individuality. These “sub-cultures” are groups of people like hipsters, devoutly religious, free spirits, etc. Pop culture is celebrating this individuality. Pop culture and social media showcase these variations in society and culture today. Fashion is very different in the local and global terms. For example, the culture, beliefs, and styles that we have here in Rhode Island are very different from that of a town in Africa. As mentioned many times in class, fashion today is very much a result of psycho-demographics.


One thought on “Alex Heidenthal- PoMo & (Re)structuring

  1. Alex,
    I agree with you on all of your statements. In the past similarity was celebrated but now today in our era individuality is celebrated. With the portals and access we have through social media sights we are able to embrace our own likes and dislikes and see others expressiveness. I agree that globally this is not necessarily the case. In certain countries they focus a lot on tradition whether it be due to the climate or religion. Which as you said and as we discussed in class fashion depends and is influenced by psycho-demographics.

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