Thoughts on Fieldwork

The world of fashion is one big entangled web. I have realized that there are so many aspects of the fashion world, that there really is a place for everyone. The world of fashion is everywhere. From designing, to marketing, to production, even down to the consumer making style decisions everyday, our industry is big. Contained in the fashion world is past, present, and questions of what the future will contain. Some fashions are strictly local or global, but many times they overlap. The fashion world is an industry that repeats and influences itself, but is also influenced by other worlds. History, myth, culture, they all have an influence on fashion.

The field to observe I believe depends on how broad one wants to look. They can choose a physical location or a demographic to observe fashion. Everyone’s field might be different. And the fashion world is always changing with new or recycled trends, styles, icons, and ideas. I think it will be interesting to see how different the fields we chose to observe will be. Everyone’s here may be a little bit different, and now is always changing.


One thought on “Thoughts on Fieldwork

  1. I liked how you said that there is a place for everyone in fashion. I definitely agree with that statement because fashion is so diverse that everyone can really fit in in their own way. I also liked how you mentioned that global and local fashions can overlap. I feel like with all of the new technology our current generation has it has created even more of an overlap in global and local fashion then there was in the past. I agree with your thoughts on fieldwork, it does depend on a lot of different factors. Since there are so many “worlds” fieldwork can be a very broad concept. I am excited to see all of the different fields everyone in the class chooses to observe.

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