Thoughts on Fieldwork

The way I view the world of fashion has changed from taking this class. Before this class showed me the many different “worlds” that can exist globally I feel that I was unintentionally only focusing on my “world”. I now realize that there are many more aspects that make up the fashion industry then I ever recognized. With technology it is also much easier for the current generation to see global fashions. This can put an extension on many individual’s fashions worlds. The field to observe fashion all depends on what is being focused on. For example, if I wanted to observe the fashions of teenage girls in Rhode Island I might go to the Providence Place Mall and see what they are wearing, where they are shopping, etc. Fieldwork is very helpful to see what fashion is truly like in specific areas. This can be very helpful for many brands since it can help them appeal to their consumer better.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Fieldwork

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It made me think even more about things that I had never even thought of. I never realized it, but I too was guilty of viewing only my “fashion world” and no others. I found it so interesting that you brought up that point because it is really true. I did not intentionally just focus on my own world, but I subconsciously did so because it was all I knew. I realized that there were other fashion worlds out there, but I only really knew mine. This class has opened my eyes to the countless other worlds of fashion and made me understand how to study and appreciate these worlds.

  2. A lot of what you said I both realized throughout this class and agree with. Technology has transformed our world of fashion we have everything almost handed to us and we can see fashions from all over the world. I like how you pointed out that “This can put an extension on many individual’s fashions worlds.” Technology does add to our fashion and is an extension of our world. Fieldwork depends so much on the location I like how you mentioned the mall, it made it very easy to put the concept of fieldwork into a reality for me. This class seems to have changed many of our views on fashion before this class I did not focus on the “worlds” of fashion, just mine

  3. I agree with a lot about what you mentioned in your post. I think that technology has a huge impact on the fashion industry these days and it is weird to think of what the fashion world might be without it. I also liked your example on fieldwork. The mall is a great place to look for many different areas of fieldwork. Your example also gave a clear definition of what fieldwork is. I agree that this class is really an eye-opener to everything else out there rather than the fashions that we are used too.

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