Thoughts on Field Work

At the beginning of the semester I did not know as much as I do now and I would not be able to describe or even analyze the world of fashion. After a lot of discussion in class and learning about many influential authors I would be able to describe the world of fashion a lot better now they we move towards the end of the semester. The “world” of fashion is completely different culturally, economically and socially. World is an extremely broaden term because it is based on the world that an individual is perceived in and believes they are in. It is extremely different anywhere you go even throughout all of the US. Someone in NYC is going to be in a different world than someone in California due to trends changing extremely often and what influences individual ideas and styles. In order for me to do my field of research I am going to do it at the mall in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence to me is not the type of city that would be able to provide what I need to completely my field research. If we were in New York City or another major city then I would be able to go to certain streets and do my field of reached. At the mall I will be able to see who is shopping at what stores and the different demographics as well as see what the buyer is purchasing from one store as well as their competitive stores.


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