Fieldwork Thoughts

My thoughts on fashion has changed since the beginning of term because of this class. I had a very broad understanding of the fashion world and I only thought of it consisting of designers, retailers, manufactures, and consumers. I never analyzed it further until we did in class. I had not thought about how there are multiple worlds involved in fashion. It seems almost like these worlds could be infinite and would continue mapping it for the rest of the semester. It seems that the world of fashion needs all these different worlds for it to function smoothly. For example, you cant have products without designers and developers. I had not realized how big the world of fashion really was and how many categories and sub-categories it really had. I also didn’t realize how complicated it could be (some categories/sub-categories can belong to multiple worlds). The field to observe I believe would be the technology aspect of the world of fashion because it has changed the world as a whole tremendously over the past decade. I am unsure if the overwhelming popularity of technology is a good or bad effect on the world of fashion. It has changed how fast new trends and styles are seen from the runways, contributing to fast fashion and how designers interact with their target market. There are many pros and cons but regardless it has changed our world of fashion.


One thought on “Fieldwork Thoughts

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your statement on how you felt about this class in the beginning. I have always thought I had good understanding about the world of fashion but I come to the realization that there is more to it than I originally thought. You discussed how technology plays an huge role in our world especially in the world of fashion. I wonder what the world of fashion would be like if technology was not involved?

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