Field Work Thoughts

I know that the fashion world after taking this class is completely revolving in a cycle, but getting more efficient with time. I would not say better because some believe the older fashion world was original and classy. Now some believe with ready to wear and cell phones taking picture of a fashion runaway how the excitement is now trashy. The world of fashion is also everywhere, and nowhere. No one fashion world is correct. I believe that field work will not be much help in determining the future or prediction of the world of fashion. Nevertheless, if we are trying to understand what is simply taking place and pinpoint why, then I believe field work is an excellent idea. The type of work that would be occurring is a generalization of styles. Although this is true we want to determine how big our field actually is. Is it New England, RI, or URI. The worlds around us are not the only ones. I want to understand how large companies do their field work for their brands. Are there any designers who don’t have a demographic? Perhaps Couture? I want to get the right samples as well so the scale could also pose problems. I am feeling very pessimistic on the conclusions of our field work.


One thought on “Field Work Thoughts

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your pessimistic view of the fashion industry today. It makes you wondering if the technology we have developed helped or destroyed fashion. Before we were able to develop fashions so quickly there was a specificity and uniqueness to everything developed and also an aspect of quality that we have lost. There is nothing “wrong” in fashion fashion is everywhere and no where as you said. You have to wonder if there is any saving of the industry or if we have dug ourselves into a hole.

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