Thoughts on Fieldwork

When we first discuss “the world of fashion” it was confusing and difficult to comprehend the meaning behind it.  However discussions we have in our class help me realize that the material we learn is relevant when it comes to defining “world of fashion”.  The “world of fashion” is not just defined by one world; it is made up by different worlds. Many components like media, technology, people, and places can influence on how the “world of fashion” is define. For example when we first worked on the Zeitgeist activity; I did not quite understand it but as we discuss our examples each category I have realize that there are many characteristics that influences our perception.  Approaching these examples would not be possible without fieldwork; fieldwork gives you a different approach on how to observe the world of fashion.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Fieldwork

  1. I definitely agree with your statements. What ideas do you have for your fieldwork and for the first paper? It does give you a different approach on how to observe fashion but what exactly are you going to focus on?

  2. It is interesting that this class is loaded with a lot of questions that are given to us. But what I really find fascinating is that somehow these questions always get answered but there is no one right answer to them. Also these questions and ideas that we have in class are all building off from each other and somehow relate. I did not really understand the idea of Zeitgeist in the beginning either but like you said these examples are about the fieldworks. I really like how everything is starting to tie together and we are figuring out the bigger picture.

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