Thoughts on Fieldwork

In the beginning of the term i can say that i had a broad interpretation on the world of fashion. I always had an interest in this field so it was important to me to have a clear understanding on the meaning behind it but after taking this class i learned how intricate it really is. I understood that fashion is meaningful in the sense that it exemplifies diversification in the way that it differs globally but i never realized the extent of it. This class gave me the opportunity to think outside of the box and beyond what our society norms are today in context to fashion. Many times people can be closed minded because our generation is so easily influenced by what they read and hear on social media today. They let things like print and broadcasting media have an impact on their interpretation of both the local and global fashion which takes away from the real culture and inspiration behind it. I really enjoyed working on the Zeitgeist worksheet in class because it helped me to have a better understanding on the concept of fashion. At first it was very confusing to me because it was a bunch of different categories that i didn’t see aligning with one another but at the end it all made sense. As a class we were able to see the different components that effects the fashion industry today like celebrities, media, and different cultures which all related in a sense and made me realize that the world of fashion cannot be determined by one specific time or place. It showed me that fashion will continue to change and evolve over time because even though all of the events were not the same, they were still consistent which shows that it is an ongoing progression. We can already see how much the fashion world has changed now that it has been introduced to technology as well as social media, and that will continue to take place as technology continues to advance. It is hard to depict exactly what will come next in terms of the fashion industry but that is what makes it exciting in a sense because it is not predictable. All i can say about the world of fashion is that it is very different, in terms of location, style, ideas, etc. which is what makes it so intriguing because you want to know and try to figure out what is coming next.


One thought on “Thoughts on Fieldwork

  1. I enjoyed reading this post because we had the same view of fashion before taking this class and before we gained a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute and affect the local and global fashion. I agree that the zeitgeist was really a turning point for us in the class. It allowed us to figure out what defines our culture and how the media, events, models, fashion leaders, etc. are connected to our fashion world. My understanding of the fashion world just came from a local perspective and what I saw on a daily basis, but the zeitgeist discussion broadened my view (and nicolette’s) on global fashion. I agree that fashion is always changing and will continue to change because the world and the fashion world is always moving and reacting to things around us.

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