Thoughts on Fieldwork

At the beginning of the term, I thought of the world of fashion as something much smaller than what we have learned and figured out in class. I imagined the “world of fashion” was much less intricate, and referred to just the industry as a whole and not the actual different “worlds” that make up the whole. From discussing in class, it seems the world of fashion is never ending. The world of fashion is people, products, places and the market, and then so much more branching off from there. There are influences from everywhere. A lot of it are branches I never would have thought of before this class. It includes things such as the clothing itself, and the people who sell them. It also includes the fashion cities, along with virtual markets. I would consider “the field” to observe to really be everywhere. Depending on what types of apparel and people you are observing, fashion is everywhere. I would probably use the mall as my “field” because so many different ranges of people go there and I could observe which stores they go in and out of.

One thought on “Thoughts on Fieldwork

  1. Good point. Now that I think back to it, the day that we made the web on the board it was never ending. I remember throwing my pen down and taking a picture at the end of class because I could not keep up in my notebook. The world of fashion, like you said, covers so many aspects and people that it is hard to pinpoint each individual world within it.

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