Thoughts on Fieldwork

Before taking this class I never looked at fashion as being complex. When purchasing “fashion” or clothes, many fail to think about the history behind the product or trend which there buying. We look at fashion as something that’s clear and right in front of us, not as something complex or global. This is where the majority of society is wrong. This class has taught me that fashions influence is broader then consumers think. Working on activities such as the Zeitgeist worksheet was just one specific lesson that gave me a better understand on this theory of “fashion”. Being able to break down fashions components into cultures, mass medias, celebrities, and even politics gave me a better understanding of our current fashion world, as well as future fashion. Our world is filled with all sorts of influential people, influential events, and influential technologies and because of this fashion is always changing. With our current use of mass media and technology fashion has in fact turned into a global phenomena, while in the past before these technologies fashion was only local. Though its safe to say that fashion this day and age is strongly influenced by whats most accepted or whats most popular, it’s possible that these same popular fashions will change in the future. With time brings new technology, new events, new people, and new influences, and because of this time also brings new trends, new designers, and new “fashion”.


One thought on “Thoughts on Fieldwork

  1. i enjoyed reading this post because it shows that Stef and I had the same outlook on the world of fashion and how it has changed over the years. We both took away a lot from the Zeitgeist worksheet in the way that it gave us both a better understanding on fashion and the different components that influence it. We also discussed the advancement of technology and how it has become a phenomenon for this generation. It can be easily seen how influential the media is on people today because it effects what they see as being popular as well as accepted. We also depict that the world of fashion will continue to change in the future as does anything else so i am excited to see the new trends, technology and people that will continue to influence the people of our generation.

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