Thoughts on Field Work – Allie Blaisdell

I have gained a much more in depth understanding of the world of fashion than I did know at the beginning of the semester. I have learned that the term, the world of fashion, is a much more complex topic than many may understand in a broader sense. There are many levels within the world, and there are many ‘worlds of…”,  such as a world of designers, a world of brands, a world of fast fashion, etc There is an individual sense of the world of fashion as well as a societal sense and connection to the world. The world of fashion contains everything that makes the fashion industry happen, from the R&D and manufacturing teams all the way to the ultimate consumers and everything in between.

I have also learned the reason why the world of fashion is what it is today and why it is always changing is due to how society is influenced by such terms we have discussed in the “zeitgeist” like political influences, media and technology changes, fashion influencers and style leaders. As an analyst, to be able to determine the societal shifts is immensely important to be able to future the upcoming style influential trends and fashions.


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