Marisa Barrett – Thoughts on Fieldwork

At the beginning of the semester I did not think of the “world of fashion” as a complex sense. I have always thought of it as a huge industry with many people and places; however, until this class I did not think of the different “worlds” within the “world of fashion”. That is how I think of it now. I have noticed that fashion is different in every place, but it is relevant everywhere. Each place has its own fashion world consisting of the stores, the people, the clothing, the marketing, the brands, etc.. For example, if you compare a major fashion city like New York or Milan, they will have a different view on the world of fashion than Kingston, Rhode Island. In a major fashion city you will find models, high fashion, and stores like Saks or Bloomingdales. However, in Kingston you will find people less concerned with the newest trends and styles and small clothing stores. Fashion is constantly being changed and advanced based on the different generations and technology that is being introduced. Fast fashion made its way into the industry because people started looking for cheaper clothing that they could buy more of and more frequently. However, now fast fashion may be fading out because people want to buy clothing with better quality and will last them longer. But this also goes back to the different places and people. Adults ages 30-40 that can afford to buy better quality and more expensive fashion is less likely to go for fast fashion, but college students are more likely to buy fast fashion. This is something to pay attention too. Who is buying what and where are people buying and what fashion models do they prefer?


One thought on “Marisa Barrett – Thoughts on Fieldwork

  1. I also agree that people in Kingston, RI are less likely to be as “up-to-date” with fashion than people in the fashion capitals of the world- but this is where demographics come in; where people in kingston aren’t able to have access to high end stores. They may be willing and have an interest in fashion and all it has to offer, but location and geography aren’t working in their favor. It’s interesting how limited a person can be due to their location!

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