Joseph Rotondo 11/10

Well Hello there.

I know the world of fashion is deep.  I didn’t know just how deep it really is.  From the clothes to the plant,  form society to the business, fashion is affected by the world in its entirety.  the season affects how we dress.  The times affect hoe we dress- wars or music.  the world of fashion is at a turning point.  We found the death of it.  Now i believe we are in a chaotic state.  Looking for a way out of the fast pace and the madness.  We are in a state where we are influenced and inspired by history and the global connectivity.

High fashion used to be exclusive, only available to the wealthy who had their own seamstresses and tailors.  Now fashion is becoming inclusive with the fast-fashion.  We used to never see fashion shows- only those who attended.  Now we are televising fashion shows, and there are star-studded events.

The field to observe is the environment, sustainability and ethics.  We need a clean industry that doesn’t exploit cheap labor.  We need to hold ourselves accountable and responsible.  We will be working for a company someday and we need to dive into their world to understand who you are serving.  We also need to keep the many factors in mind that will affect our work.


2 thoughts on “Joseph Rotondo 11/10

  1. also learned the transition form forecasting to fluttering though the study of authors. The authors give a rhyme to the reason. They provide evidence and backing to our argument of the “worlds” and the “medium”.

  2. Nowadays, the world of Fashion is a real infernal and diabolical machine. The pace of collections is always speeder, designers have no choice but to create quickly new items, silhouettes and trends in general at the risk of impoverish their creativity, their imagination and push them to the limit.. While common mortals are encouraged to consume increasingly anything, anytime.. Not to mention as you said, the huge issue about the environment, the human and work conditions worldwide.
    And all these for the greatest satisfaction of businessmen of fashion companies, whose concerns don’t go beyond the turnover.
    That’s why I’m firmly convinced that it’s primordial to reverse the current global trend of “hyperconsumption” as called Gilles Lipovetsky.
    Indeed, people are used right now buying and owning what they want, when they want -no matter if they need it or not- provided that it is in the immediacy. They don’t know how to be patient, how to truly desire something anymore, with all the feelings involved.. And what is the most worrying is that all the fields are concerned, not only Fashion.
    Fortunately, I have the impression that a deep-rooted trend is emerging that advocates a slow process, as a step backward (slow fashion, slow dating..). It encourages us to take the time to live, to feel deep sensations again, because pleasure is ephemeral whereas desire lasts..

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