Fieldwork thoughts

The world of fashion is one complicated, intricate, interesting place. Before this class, I never thought of the analyzing portion of the fashion world. I knew someone had to do it, but I didn’t think of all the work that goes into analyzing trends, cultures, local and global fashion. I also hadn’t thought about the large impact technology has on fashion. It has changed everything that anyone knew about the fashion industry. I think it hinders and enhances it all at the same time. It is so easy to access things, and see things, but it’s making it hard to keep up. The world of fashion is a very broad term. There is not just one world, there are multiples. We need the multiple worlds in order for everything to work and run. We have the world of fashion designers, the world of fashion production, the world of fashion consumers, etc. Within the worlds are categories and sub-categories until you get to the actual “thing”. To understand these categories to make the worlds work, we must do field work. I mean how would designers know what to design if they don’t look around and see what the people are doing. I think in order for field work to be accurate, you must find the niche. Who are you working for and who are their clientele? How do they dress, what labels do they wear, how much time do they spend getting ready or shopping, what environment do they live in, do they travel? And this can be different and probably is different for many companies and designers. There is a lot in the fashion worlds and it is complicating, but it is insanely interesting how fashion effects people, because for many people it is a way of self-expression.


One thought on “Fieldwork thoughts

  1. I enjoyed reading this entry because Katie also discussed how fashion and dress is based off of field work and clienteles. It’s important to be aware of worldly influences and field work and even completing the Zeitgiest worksheet helped with my personal understanding. I also agree with when you said that there is no such thing as a single fashion or trend. With fashion being so global its almost impossible to say that there’s only one popular designer, trend, style, or even fabric. Because of this variety your in fact right when you discuss how designers, labels, and companies are constantly changing and varying in what we see as the “fashion world”.

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