Discussion Thoughts

While analyzing global fashion and through out our discussions I have learned, I have learned one thing: There is nothing wrong or right about fashion. Most who follow those rules of not wearing white after labor day, or the concept of wearing black for a funeral or mourning period. Those who don’t follow those rules come off as weird or unfashionable. I’ve noticed this moment in the media especially in shows such as “What not to wear’ or ” E’s fashion police”. Designer gowns which costs thousands, can still be seen as ugly because they are over accessorized or not in season. It as if global fashion has weather channels, what may be “in” somewhere may be “out” in different areas. I have also learned global fashion is a time experience. Many styles are often recreated or recycled every ten years or every winter. I think what bred fashion is about NOT following the rules, that is what is boring.



3 thoughts on “Discussion Thoughts

  1. Styles seem to be recycled more frequently or more recently, could this be related to the idea or myth of fashion decades?

  2. I love the thought: “It as if global fashion has weather channels,…” You’ll see when we get into our analysis in the following weeks, that you are right on the mark there! Nice.

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