Discussion Thoughts

Our last couple of class discussions have really helped me process the things we are learning. The fashion map that we drew on the board was probably the most helpful to me. We have so much information about fashion, because it is everywhere, but sometimes it doesn’t always click on how it is connected until you really draw it out. I am more of a visual learner so activities like that help me learn more and more efficient. I also thought the discussion on myths was very interesting. I have heard about all the myths that we discussed but it never crossed my mind to dig deeper to actually figure out why they are myths and where they came from. The most interesting one I thought was wearing boat shoes but never actually wearing them on a boat. I never thought about why they are called boat shoes and that the majority of people that wear them don’t actually wear them on a boat. It is a weird concept I guess if you really look at it that way. Overall, I think the things we are learning are really intriguing and makes you think outside of the box.


One thought on “Discussion Thoughts

  1. After our discussion I spent a little time researching some of the myths we discussed. What I have generally found, with items like boat shoes and riding boots, is that the original object was designed for function. As the myth of what it meant to be seen wearing the object, status, leisure, luxury, etc., developed so to did the non-functional copies. So now the myth is related to both the original object and the newer style conscious object.

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