Thoughts on weeks discussions

Tuesday Class last week discussion was very interesting and made me think more about how it is all connected. While we were making the map I thought it was very interesting how there were so many different braches to each one. Each one showed how it was related to fashion. For example history, there were braches that were in the past, present and how they are connected. By showing this on the board it helped me visualize it, without seeing it I do not think I would have been able to truly connect all of them to each other.

Thursday’s class last week discussion was about myths. I never thought about how certain fashion myths come out of nowhere. There is no explanation as to why we do certain things. It made me really think about why we wear certain colors for certain events and we do not know why we do it or what the meaning is. This was all very interesting for me and I enjoyed both of these discussions.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on weeks discussions

  1. I really enjoyed both of the discussions you mentioned as well. I think it is interesting to learn how certain things are connected. Essentially, you could probably connect most things back to each other. But it is cool to see how the things we already know and associate ourselves with could be linked back.

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