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I was unable to attend class last Thursday in order to meet with my adviser to sign my intent to graduate form. What I have collected from other students and other blog posts confirms what I feel about most of our discussions in class. Every time we have a class discussion I look at fashion from a new perspective. There is never necessary a right answer and there are so many lose ends as we have shown in the fashion world web we made on the board in class. Local fashion is influenced by myths and global fashion is mainly influenced by cultural views. In some cultures different colors will be considered masculine when in other cultures its considered feminine such as the color pink. This also goes for certain styles. This also brings up the question if those molds are being broken in modern day society or if that is just in our immediate culture. Either way local and global fashions are ultimately linked because the accessibility world wide. So many more people have access to what fashions are going on where because of the growing of media and technology world wide.


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  1. Are the cultural views of global fashion not myths? If local and global are linked but distinct, what are the boundaries that separate them?

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