Thoughts on Weeks Discussions

I always find the weekly discussions make me think about fashion in new ways that I hadn’t before. I feel like the exercises we do help us look at things in new perspectives. I thought the fashion world map was interesting because it was a visual of how big and complex the fashion industry is. It showed how many different branches and elements there are in fashion. I also thought it was extremely interesting how almost all of the different categories were somehow connected and many terms could be connected to different categories. This helped show how fashion locally and globally is connected in many ways. More fashion is now global or at least able to be accessed globally with the new technology we have.

I also found the myth discussion interesting. It made me question certain fashions and rituals I wouldn’t otherwise think about. You don’t always think about how things came to be but you just do and accept them. It was interesting to think about why we do/wear things and where it originated from because the stories or reasons we are told are not always true.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Weeks Discussions

  1. Great post! I too also liked talking about the myths. It was extremely interesting to think about things from a different perspective. I agree with you on how stories we are told aren’t always true or correct. The class was great and I learned a lot as well. What was your favorite myth to learn about?

  2. We appear to be living in a changing fashion world, how do you think myths will evolve? Will we create new ones, hold onto old ones, or another unknown option?

  3. I think myths will change and evolve. We are already beginning to see this as some people are beginning to go against the “rules” of myths (ex. Colored wedding dresses). I also believe there are some myths that people will continue to follow. I think eventually new myths will come about but this will take time as they have to develop and be followed by many.

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