Thoughts on week’s discussions

I really enjoy as well as look forward to our weekly discussions. They challenge me in the way that i really have to put thought into what we are discussing which is what makes them so interesting  because they are never straight forward  you actually have to think about the question you are being asked. I have always known that there is a difference between global and local fashion but i never realized how in depth it was. After learning more about the myths it clarified the difference between the two in the way that it explains more about the meaning between them. By this i mean that for local fashion it relates more to your surroundings and the area you live in. What you learn and currently know about is based off of what you grew up with like what you have learned from your family and peers so it is what you know best. As for global fashion it is the different myths that take place all over the world, so not what we know but what we learn from everything we see and hear from social media. One prime example i can think of for a local myth is that on your wedding day you wear a white dress. This is something that I’ve witnessed growing up due to my surrounding so it is what i know best and think is correct. I know this does not apply to all countries because some believe in other myths, for example, in China the women wear red dresses on their wedding day because they believe the color brings them luck. So as you can see fashion is depicted differently by everyone depending on their roots and where they are from. It is amazing to see how every culture has such a difference sense of fashion but it is what makes them each unique from one another because if every country had the same style of fashion that would just boring because there wouldn’t be anything new or exciting. I had the chance to experience global fashion when i studied abroad in florence, Italy and i was able to witness their culture and the sense of fashion that took place there. One thing i noticed is guys and girls dress very similar. I always saw men and women wearing ripped boyfriend jeans, with a white tee leather jacket and an oversized scarf. You also rarely saw people wearing flip flops because they believe those to be slippers so it was interesting for me to see how our cultures are similar but also very different at the same time.


One thought on “Thoughts on week’s discussions

  1. With the rising popularity of sites such as, do you think the shift away from conforming to expected traditions says something about what is happening in fashion right now?

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