Thoughts on week’s discussions

I think that it is very hard to define global and local fashion. I feel as though there is so much overlap. I find global fashion to be trends that seem to be dominating a large part of the world. For example what styles and colors are popular, trends you may see on multiple continents in varies countries. Local fashion I see as being the fashion you see all around you. What fashion trends dominate your “local.” I think these local styles frequently overlap with global fashion styles depending where you are. I am from a small town in Maine, and my “local” fashions there don’t change nearly as much as they do here in Rhode Island to keep up with new global trends. Flannels and camo styles have dominated my local area in Maine for a long time.

I think Global and Local can be defined in so many different ways that it is up to perception of what those fashion trends mean to you. I think myths relate more to local fashion than global. Different fashion myths do alter what we wear and when and where we wear them. However myths I have learned and follow might be very different then myths in Europe or Asia. As Clemence talked about in class, the French don’t wear very short skirts, it is not what the “French” do. Where as that is a fashion trend you see widely in our local area.


One thought on “Thoughts on week’s discussions

  1. Can fashion myths and rules, (that is just what what the “French do”) identify a group? Can companies use this information to better build their brand? Do global companies already recognize this in their marketing?

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