Thoughts on Week’s Discussion

I find our class discussions to be more interesting than most typical class discussions I have had. I feel this way because a lot of the topics and concepts are not completely direct. They require you to think and use your own ideas and experiences to create a better understanding of the material. Many times there is not one correct answer to the questions asked which leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Any confusion that I ever have usually gets clarified by talking it out within small groups or with the whole class.

I found this weeks discussion very interesting because it taught me more about concepts I thought I already understood. I thought I understood the differences between local and global fashions until the idea of ‘myths’ was discussed. Locally, many aspects of my fashion sense have been influenced by myths I have learned from my family and friends. I knew that I pick up on trends and styles that I see around me but I never realized all of the traditions I follow based off of my local fashion. Colors were a concept that came to mind when comparing myths locally and globally. In some cultures wearing pink can be considered masculine, while in my culture pink is considered more of a feminine color. Many men still wear pink in my culture but they usually wear it more subtly and less often than women do. I find it very interesting how these myths have such a strong impact on fashion around the world.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Week’s Discussion

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying and benefiting from the discussions! Consider that even within a culture norms and myths change – pink was a masculine color in the US and Western Europe up through the first few decades of the 20th century! Since these rules are constructed, what happens in fashion that changes them?

  2. I also find it interesting how social societal and cultural norms come into play like the appropriate colors of different genders. It is thought provoking to think about why we place a gender on colors like how it is not a norm for men to wear pink in the US and why these societal influences and rules change with the generational shifts.

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