Thoughts on Week’s Discussion

I thought that our discussion about local and global was interesting.  There can be many ways you can define local and global fashion; I define local fashion as your surrounding environment while global fashion is the fashion around the world.  The explanation of local and global fashion can be explained by the meaning behind it which includes the myths we heard growing up in life. These myths we heard in our life can be separated into three categories; folklore, origin and ritual stories.  Many myths originate from stories or things we heard throughout our lives.  For example our group talked about a lot of myths that center around weddings like the bride has to wear a white dress, they need something old, new, borrow and blue, rain on your wedding day symbolizes good luck and so much more.  No one can explain where these myths originated from but it’s what our society or culture says, so we do it.  Wedding myths can be defined as a good example to explain the difference between local and global fashion.  In America it is accustomed for the bride to wear a white wedding dress however in India the bride wears a red wedding dress.  From this example we can make a conclusion that our society or culture influences our fashion local and globally.


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