Thoughts on week’s discussion

I really enjoyed this week’s discussion. It grabbed my attention and made me realize things about fashion origins I hadn’t before. Looking at the myths really put into perspective the differences between local and global fashion. At first it was difficult for my group to think of any, but then it started to get easier. One myth my group discussed was the ritual of wearing white on you wedding day. This is something we always do here and do not question the real origin of it, other than white representing purity. But in India, they wear red on weddings and white to funerals. If someone wore a wedding dress that was not white in America, or at least not off white or pinkish, they are seen as kind of breaking a rule, or going against a norm. It was interesting to think about the different rules we have for fashion in our society, and think about how and why they may have come about in the first places. I liked hearing what the different groups came up with because we all had ideas that were similar but slightly different. I thought it was interesting that when we talked about myths or rules we have learned, people said things like “I was always told growing up that…” or, “ we believe that…”  After this discussion, I think I have a better understanding of local and global fashion. Though every culture is different, fashion is connected in some way.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on week’s discussion

  1. Our group had the same idea of the traditions for a white wedding dress here. It is really interesting to see how just the origin and the myths that come up from each society influence the fashion world greatly. It is very true we are all different and every culture is different, but with the social media and the technology that we have today, it is very easy to share fashion ideas and trends to other people around the world. That is what I think is so cool about fashion is that everyone kind of feeds off from each other. But the interesting thing is that the myths and our origins greatly influence the fashion that occurs in our area.

  2. Even white representing purity is a myth! How do myths connect fashion? Are there myths that transcend the local and get absorbed into the global?

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