Thoughts on Discussion- Alex Heidenthal

The discussions that we have as a class are always so thought provoking. I start off the discussion feeling a bit confused, and I end the discussion feeling very confused. However, this confusion is a good thing. It means that I am thinking outside of my comfort zone and processing many different ideas. As we have stated in many discussions, there is no one simple answer to this world of fashion that we are discussing. There are many ideas, thoughts, avenues, and principles that make up this crazy world.

When I originally thought about the world of fashion, I thought about it as an incredibly broad subject. While it is just that, very broad, there are ways to narrow it down as we have seen in our class discussions. I really liked looking at fashion myths as a way to understand the fashion world on a local and global sector. I particularly find the origin myth helpful. I like to think of the one example we discussed such as the white wedding dress. While in the United States, it is tradition to wear a white wedding dress, other countries and cultures have different wedding traditions. It was interesting to think about where this white wedding dress tradition originated and how it started. While we have one origin for this tradition locally here in the United States, globally, there are other origins of wedding traditions.


One thought on “Thoughts on Discussion- Alex Heidenthal

  1. How do those traditions spread? Is there anything in the myths that help them circulate and spread? Why follow a rule? Why break one?

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