Local & Global Fashion and Myths – Discussion

I thoroughly enjoyed our class discussion last week. When Karl first mentioned the topic of the myths of fashion I was confused on how specific or broadly it was to be discussed. When my group began talking about the fashion myths we came up with ideas of factors that can be labeled as the “rules of the road”. A few examples we came up with were, “no wearing white after labor day” and “don’t wear silver and gold together”. Other types of myths that were discussed were topics of uniformity, meaning in fashion such as riding boots and combat boots, Wedding myths, and style questions all which society determines or “says so”. These myths pertain to the local and global in fashion where local envisions the fashion in the community and local environment and global displays the fashions outside of the local areas and fashions worldwide on a global scale. Many of the myths described fall in the local fashions category due to the fact that culture defines the myths. Many cultures have different rules of the road as well as cultural acceptances related to fashion such as wedding traditions. We know of a wedding dress to be “pure” white where other cultures may wear different colors to represent the celebration of marriage.

I learned that the world of fashion has many different outlets and depths in a cultural sense and as a power of the society. It is things the “we consider” based on the culture or the generational culture defined. There is truly a wide range of the depths of fashion through local and global fashions.


One thought on “Local & Global Fashion and Myths – Discussion

  1. Now that you have identified both types of myths and specific examples, what do they mean for the world of fashion? What do they say about “our” zeitgeist?

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