Blog Post October 19

The thinking we do in our class is much different then any of my other classes, which I enjoy. Our class discussions create a different type of thought and keep me engaged. At times I am confused but it challenges me to discover the answers.

Our class discussion this week about local and global fashion was very interesting. We discussed myths and how they relate to fashion globally and locally. I really never thought about the difference between global and local fashion. Locally our friends and family affect us. We see trends and pick up on trends from the people surrounding us. But I never really understood the history and traditions that those trends come from. The wedding dress like we discussed in class. In the United States the wedding dress is socially accepted to be white. But in other cultures women have other traditions and the dress does not have to be necessarily white. This was just a prime example how we have traditions in our culture locally and then there are traditions in other cultures globally.


3 thoughts on “Blog Post October 19

  1. Hi Morgan! I fully understand how our class discussion can be confusing sometimes but I start to understand the discussion better once we get into smaller groups. It seems that a lot of us discussed weddings to explain the difference between local and global fashion; I wonder why? I know in my group, weddings were the first example that came to our minds. I believe weddings was the easiest example to discuss but I wonder if we can come up with better ones.

  2. Hi Morgan! I also thought the wedding example was super interesting and different to look at. Traditions can be looked at globally and locally, and came be the same or different!

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