Thoughts on weeks discussion

When analyzing global fashion, fashion concepts, and fashion rituals its safe to say that there are many which people follow by. Society all over has become so consistent on following traditions which they believe to be correct, however with fashion there is no such thing as wrong or right. Over time our local society as well as global society have created this idea that fashion myths and traditions should continue to be considered when making fashion decisions. We follow these myths such as the “rule” of not wearing white after labor day, or the concept of wearing black for a funeral or mourning period. We even take simple fashion concepts such as how black and navy should not be worn together, and turn these ideas into a rule. Society believes these to be the norm, however after discussing further into this issue I learned that there are many other global myths fashion tends to follow. My particular group discussed the idea of how we as consumers tend to believe that if we spend more money on a single product, that it means this particular product is better in both quality and importance. We compared apple to the clothing which we purchase. We discussed how many find themselves spending more money on a single phone than they do on what may be more clothes. Apple reflects a certain “importance” and popularity, and because of this society has begun to rely on quality over quantity. Society everywhere comes up with their own global belief to what they think is right and because of Apple’s “importance” and popularity, consumers in fact think that they are getting the better deal. The concept of expensive vs affordable reflects our buying beliefs, however does a higher price always mean a better product? Does it make the product more useful? Maybe the reason for something being “expensive” is a myth. Fashion myths will always vary globally due to the difference in cultures and beliefs, however fashion as a whole is always being based on what the most current and the most popular opinion is.

One thought on “Thoughts on weeks discussion

  1. Why do people follow traditions, “rules,” and customs? How does that influence the fashion? What is happening between fashion eras that changes?

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