Thoughts on this weeks discussion

I really enjoyed this weeks discussion, especially on Thursday. It was so interesting to actually figure out all the myths and rituals. At first, I was having trouble coming up with what I thought were myths, folklores, and rituals that had to deal with fashion. My group and I came up with a few, such as, wearing a white gown on your wedding day to seem “pure” and the ritual of having something borrowed and something blue. Once the class started talking about it as a whole I really started to understand it. Why do we have boat shoes if the purpose for them was to never actually wear them on a boat? Why do we have riding boots and fashion staples when we aren’t really riding horses? Also, how there are rules in fashion. Why can’t we wear white after labor day? Who came up with these rituals and why? There are so many questions regarding this subject and not all can be answered easily.

I really enjoyed learning about this subject now and have a better understand about the local and global fashions. The fashion world diagram was very very helpful. There are so many parts to the fashion world that it actually is infinite. So many things go into it and somehow parts connect in different ways. There are global fashions that are popular throughout the world. There are local fashions that are popular in their own geographic area. Each one varies but could have similarities. Do the surfers in California wear and shop for the same things as “the ladies who lunch?” Now we know this not true at all. Different geographic locations sell different items to please their own target market. This doesn’t mean that H&M doesn’t sell the same or similar things worldwide in their store. Which was very interesting to talk about. The fashion world is huge and so many different aspects go into it. I hope we continue to talk about this subject in class!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on this weeks discussion

  1. I agree with all of what you said above! I also have the same questions as you about these myths. Why do we still wear white wedding dresses? Why is black the color we wear to funerals? It would be interesting to see how all of these myths started, how they have changed, and how they will continue to change. Like we discussed in class about the boat shoes and wearing white after labor day, people especially younger children are told different reasons as to why we are to wear or not to wear something.

  2. The question “who came up with these rituals and why” really hits the nail on the head.

    As a class we have discussed “East Coast” versus “West Coast”, and have identified a difference in style and demographics. How big or small does an area have to be to have an identifiable style? At what point would a national change need to tweak what is carried in their stores?

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