Blog #3

Media has such a huge impact on fashion and trends. There are so many ways nowadays to promote and show fashion trends. Social media is growing and expanding so quickly. It is becoming a huge source for fashion inspiration. I know for myself, I turn to the internet and social media before I would actually go into a store. There are many brands and stores that I have heard about through interest or instagram that I would have probably never heard of if I didn’t use those sites. Paris Fashion Week happened this past week and through social media, I was able to see visuals from the shows and specific lines. Without this type of media, I would have had no idea what goes on inside PFW. The media brings the idea of fashion closer together. Since different forms of media allows us to be connected to different parts of the world, there isn’t much of a separation between different styles from different areas.

I thought this was an interesting read about how to contribute to global trends.


2 thoughts on “Blog #3

  1. Do you think the media has a negative effect on the fashion industry? Do the goods outweigh the bad? If someone wasn’t able to promote themselves through social Media would they still be successful

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