Blog 3

How can we differentiate between global and local? Even if we chose to make the conscious decision to purchase our clothing at local boutiques, the production of these garments are most likely taking place world wide. The fashion industry is a global market and this is what makes it successful. Relating this to the media, we now have access to unlimited information at anytime of day. We turn to the media for inspiration and look to celebrities for guidance. We spend so much time immersed in a cyber world. We can be sitting at our local coffee shop and still stay connected to different countries, experiences, and ideas. Do we even know who is running the media and websites we spend so much time caring about? When was the last time we focused on information solely regarding our local physical location? The fashion world and the media world rely on the global exchange of ideas to be successful. Fashion around the world is becoming more and more similar as everyone is connected, there are no questions as to who is wearing what and where, as the information is readily available to us. Many brands take advantage of the many media outlets open to them, and expand the reach of their brand to far grater than just the word of mouth. Media of all sorts works with fashion brands to spread information. Although different regions may adopt fashion trends differently, most people are getting their inspiration from the same places.

The world seems smaller with the use of all these media outlets.


2 thoughts on “Blog 3

  1. I like how you closed with “Although different regions may adopt fashion trends differently, most people are getting their inspiration from the same places”. I agree I think with media inspiration is coming from the same places such as Instagram and celebrities. Celebrities and models really open their lives to the public with instagram and twitter. It helps us admire them and find trends. You made a good point about how we follow so many online sites but do we really know where they are coming from and who is behind the accounts. I know for some I do, but others I just follow them because I like what I see and they are generally popular amongst others people my age. I agree that fashion and trends really has become cyber. And even though I think the idea of going to a store to purchase something rather then shopping online, that is not our culture. Media has made fashion extremely accessible to the point where we do not even have to leave our house to get whatever we want. But I also think the nature of the connection is beneficial to the industry because their trends and styles are not secluded to a local environment and it makes fashion and trends accessible to all. It’s a cohesion of fashion and it’s all available to everyone through media.

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