Blog 3: local and global media

What can be concluded with the local and the global media presentation of fashion is that the global media has more of a better concept of what the world is thinking about when it comes to fashion. A person is able to easily see everything that is happening globally now and days. Not only can it be seen in the media digitally, but also in magazines that are sold in the grocery stores and bookstores. The local media focuses more on the small businesses and has a focus on what they believe is fashion. It seems that the global media is better rounded. They are able to capture and view everything that is happening in the world today by just using a small device in their hand. It is easy to see the latest trends and what everyone is wearing. The only problem with this is that the world of fashion globally does not really advocate why the designers did what they did, there is no personal connection to the people and the designers. The viewers only see what is out there and sometimes how it was made. But there really is no interpersonal connection globally in this industry. It can be argued that small local businesses have a better handle on the media because local people are supporting them and they have more of a personal view on their idea of fashion because it is their passion, and with local media people are able to really see and understand their passion towards what they produce. Local media usually gears towards the local people of that area, which gives it a more personal connection.

A magazine that is online and printed, and it has many articles about the fashion industry. One section shows the latest trend on the streets of Paris.



Local television station in my State, it is a little talk show that gives information and ideas on things happening in Connecticut. This is geared specifically towards the people in Connecticut. For example there is a section on Fall accessories and the transitioning to fall


4 thoughts on “Blog 3: local and global media

  1. I found this blog to be very interesting and I feel that i had the same outlook that Laura did on media and how it is effecting the fashion world today. I agree that global media is definitely more rounded then local media today because local media targets more of the local people of a specific area while global is able to capture the attention of people across the world. It can easily be seen that our generation today is so easily influenced by technology and keeping up to date with the latest trends by following all of these different social media sites. I like how Laura pointed out that although this can be beneficial in the way that it gives people the opportunity to have easy access to the internet so they can follow up on the latest news and what is trending in the fashion industry it also has a negative effect. People aren’t really able to understand why these fashion designers are choosing the styles they are or the reasoning behind it which is why people are beginning to loose their personal connection with the fashion world. People only know what is out there from what they see on these social media sites but they really don’t have much insight on the fashion or why it is being produced. I also enjoyed looking through the articles on the Elle Magazine website that Laura posted. This is one of my favorite printed magazines because it is always useful with informing you on the latest trends that are taking place as well as innovative styles that we will be seeing in the nearby future.

  2. I liked what you said about global fashion being more rounded and local fashion has their own ideas about fashion. I agree with this and that there are more fashions throughout the world and locally is more narrow minded. Not necessarily in a bad way but local fashion definitely differs from the global fashion we see in the media. Local media caters to a small regional culture whereas global covers more ground.

  3. I like that you mention that the global media is well rounded in everything happening around the world in the fashion industry. I definitely agree with you point that global media gets rid of the personal industry where you react with local people and understand the reason for production. In western society you don’t receive any personal experiences about mass produced fashion. Your example of local media fashion coverage is a great constrast to global media because the local you can see is covering a very specific audience that is in the transition of seasons in New England. Magazines however have to be broader and can cover all fashions around the world because the audience is so varied. It would be interesting to use your observations in different scales and locations ie local(United States), local (Southern California).

  4. What role does personal connection play in fashion? Is this important for survival? Or is it disappearing? Does this contribute to the “death of fashion”?

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