Blog 3: Fashion in the Media

Today, Media has leaned a helping hand to Fashion and Trends. Trends use to be discovered through magazines, runways, etc. Even though those are still used today, Instragram, Bloggers, and Pinterest seem to have taken the original outlets of trends over. I follow countless Instagram accounts where I get all of my fashion trends. I follow sites from Greece, Australia, Europe, etc. If I were only shopping locally I would never find the trends they showcase. It is getting cold so locally stores are beginning to sell sweaters, scarves, and boots. When on some of my Australian sights they are showcasing bikinis and dresses because where they are located it is warm. Also locally I do not have access to some stores but with media I can have any store by simply searching it online. Media has made following trends easily and staying updated even easier. Without media I would not have the fashion sense I do have. Media and Instragram have opened my eyes to different styles and colors. Also when I studied aboard in Spain it also opened my eyes to a more trendy but conservative fashion. It exposed me to different colors and shapes I would have never though to try. And if I stayed locally I would have never had that influence. Global media presentation is consuming instagram and us. Locally I would not have access to certain designs. I think it means fashion is expanding from strictly the runway to on our phones and with the click of a bottom. The nature of trends and fashion is growing at a faster pace each day. It makes trends and fashion available to all and not secluded to one demographic.


Warm weather influence

Spanish Style

Spanish Style

Local fashion

Local fashion

Conservative/Trendy Spanish Influence

Conservative/Trendy Spanish Influence


5 thoughts on “Blog 3: Fashion in the Media

  1. I noticed that most of us agreed that instagram plays a big role in how media impacts fashion for our generation. I thought it was interesting to hear about how studying abroad impacted your view on fashion…we see images of European fashion online but I have always wondered if it is any different to actually experience it. I also agree with you when you said how fashion/trends are growing at a faster pace each day. Technology gives us access to trends so quickly that designers have to stay on their toes and constantly think of new ideas to keep people interested.

  2. I really agree with what you said. When I think of fashion these days, my mind often goes to Instagram or Pinterest rather than thinking of runway shows as you said. I enjoy how fast we can see so many diverse styles, but I think that it is sad that the excitement and hype around runway shows is ending. I liked how you talked about how it is getting cold here, but you are able to see summer styles by following Australian accounts. I think that social media really helps us to see more diverse trends rather than what is just available locally. (alex heidenthal)

  3. I agree with what you said. Fashion trends are no longer coming from the runways and other outlets, but from social media. I myself go to Instagram and fashion blogs to help shape my sense of style. If it weren’t for these platforms my style wouldn’t have evolved the way it has. I find it really interesting how seeing images of European style interested you but once you were immersed in it it completely impacted your view on the European fashion.

    • I think media today is the new original outlet for trends. The bloggers and instagram accounts feature those trends and because we follow them we then see those trends. Obviously the designers create and design the objects that turn into trends but how they are then transferred to our eyes today is by social media. Whether its on a instagram account or we see a celebrity post it on their webpage either way it is coming to us through social media. We discovered the trends there not from the designer.

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