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What can be observed and concluded about “the local and global” from a look at media presentations of fashion?
Considering local and global media of any and all kinds, what do you see and what does it tell you about the world of fashion and its nature? Provide images and links to back up your thoughts and ideas.

We have talked about the movement of fashion in class on numerous occasions. A big part of that is through the media which allows it to reach a global scale. There are so many things within an environment that will influence fashions on both a local and global scale. Uncontrollable variables such as weather, wealth, what stores are available and what type of town or city tend to take the most importance. Regardless social medias such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have all enabled anyone to be a fashion journalist. Trends travel and are shaped by what is shown off by the upper class and mass produced for the middle and lower classes in “fast fashion” in the global scale. In the local scale it is influenced by the media, sure, but is also spread more by word of mouth and just seeing someone on the street. However, local fashion in NYC is a lot different than local fashion in a small town in RI. Media is accessible to anyone and everyone on their phone, tablet, laptop and any other electronic device. Even television shows and magazines still have such a large influence on how the general public dresses. You even see shows on the Disney channel making the characters more fashionable and it directly effecting the way the younger generation dresses both locally and globally. This just goes to show the fashion industry loves the idea of media being such a big influence on their publics. Especially because medias such as Instagram are free and will project their trends to such a global audience.

Having a put together and prominent appearance online is so important for a company that there are thousands of guides such as this one online to help companies create a good image. ( ) This is why public relation firms have grown so important in the last few years because they are really able to create that image that companies need to reach their publics.


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  1. How does the visibility of “street fashion” and prevalence of “outfit of the day” affect local vs. global fashion?

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