Stefanie Carnevale Blog #3

When I think of media I think of the huge impact which it has begun to have on our current generation. Social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and even blogs are all constantly being used as a way to stay both globally and locally aware. Media has become the way which we connect with people both locally and globally, and because of this our fashion experiences and influences are always changing. While we may look at one fashion trend as being “in” due to local influences, across the globe this particular trend may not even exist. While fashion changes with time, fashion can also change due to geographics, and current social media reflects this. For example when comparing European trends to American trends, one can say there are many differences. Different parts of the globe are exposed to different influences, products, materials, fabrics, and because of this our global or local belief is always changing. While we use media accounts such as vinyard vines or Rib & Rhein to stay locally aware and in style, we can also browse many other sites which give us a much larger, broader, and global outlook.

Vinyard Vines Instagram as local RI trends:

H&M, Urban Outfitters as global trends:


2 thoughts on “Stefanie Carnevale Blog #3

  1. I completely agree with this idea that local fashion is and can be completely different than what is globally fashionable. It is very true that our social media reflects heavily on how we perceive as what is fashionable. It all depends on who we surround ourselves from. The geographic of where one might be can determine what kind of style you have based on the social media that you follow. If you think about it, I like in a small town in Connecticut and I am surrounded by “preppy people”, so we wear bright colors, polos, etc. But my friend who lives in New York City has more of a “chic” style where she wears mostly dark colors and the latest trending thing there. Locally it all depends on where you are and who you surround yourself with. But if you want to globally see what is fashionable that will give you so many different styles that somehow will form into something to make a style that is uniform. I could not agree more with what your thought process is.

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