Fashion in Media-Blog 3

A lot can be observed about fashion and the effects of local and global media. It could be said that media is the biggest presenter of fashion and the new trends. Instagram, Pinterest, fashion magazines and well-known blogs show fashion and trends that are popular all around the world as well as within the area you live. The popular trends in New York are going to be different from the current trends in Europe. There are different factors that influence a trend in a certain location. A store, trend, pattern, fabric, or style could be popular in a state or city but not gain enough popularity to be widespread on a global level. Rather, the style would reach popularity locally. Therefore, social media is used to promote fashion in a local and global way. For example, Rib & Rhein located in Newport, RI are popular locally because Newport is their only location and they target their brand to a preppy and wealthy consumer from the area. They use Instagram to promote themselves and grow their customer base, but they are only popular on a smaller level because it is a local store.  Social media can also be used to look at worldwide trends and what’s happening with fashion currently on a global level. Social media connects us to the world and allows society to see what high fashion designers have created, clothing from stores that are popular to the masses like Forever 21 and H&M, as well as what celebrities are wearing. It is evident that the world of fashion, both locally and globally, is dependent on technology to present trends and fashion through media.

Forever 21’s Instagram showing global trends:

Rib and Rhein’s Instagram showing local trends of Newport and Rhode Island:


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