Fashion in Media

The fashion world varies all around the world in all different geographical regions. What is popular in New England might be completely different than what is popular in California. A “laid back look” differs in China than it does in Australia.  Basically “the local and global” fashions vary all over. What is very interesting is that even though local fashions vary geographically, there are fashions that are the same “globally”. With media being such a huge presence in our society, fashion has a chance to be global. With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and fashion blogs, anyone anywhere can see fashions around the world. For example, on Instagram I follow many different boutiques and fashion accounts. I follow fashion Instagram’s from Australia, Italy, California and even Spain. What is interesting is that the fashions on these websites can be purchased, and I have ordered items from them many times. Here are some pictures of outfits from some of the international instagrams. The fashions are still relevant to where we live. Even though local fashions may differ, global fashions are similar in styles as they are relevant all over the world.


One thought on “Fashion in Media

  1. I agree with you when you say how a popular trend can vary depending on a persons geographic location. In my blog I also talked about how a trending or popular style in America or even here in Rhode Island may be completely different from what Europe’s current fashion is. Even though I base my current styles on more local fashions, I also follow many australian and European boutiques on Instagram which do offer me a variety of styles for my own closet.

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