Fashion in Media

When thinking about local and global fashion, I automatically think of the United States vs. Europe. It is clear to me that many fashions seen in many US, excluding a few places such as New York City and LA, are less likely to be seen in most places in Europe. When American’s travel to Europe, the europeans can pick them out without taking two glances. In Europe the majority put much more effort into their appearance, and being appropriately dressed is second nature to them. In the US you can see some people going out to classes or to the store in sweat pants and even in their pajama pants. This would never be the case in Europe. This is shown through media in many different forms. I chose to look through different popular fashion blogs in the US and in different european countries. If you look through the european fashion blogs, you can see that most of the bloggers dress in more of an upscale manner. If you look through popular fashion bloggers in the US the most common bloggers are shown in more casual outfits that can be a little bit more revealing at times.

There are a few blogs to look at:


Italy: (include a lot of street style but you can see how its different from our street style)


By comparing these blogs, you can conclude many ideas about fashion. It is clear to us that fashion is different from state to state here in the US, but it is also clear that it differs from country to country. We can also think about places such as India for example. In India almost all women wear saris. This proves that factors in your environment effect the way you chose to dress. But it is also confusing because women who are from India and live in the US may still chose to wear a sari and some do not. Men in American may chose to dress in a way that you would see european men dress. So the environment is not taken as much into consideration for some people, instead they chose how they dress because of their beliefs, or their preferences rather than following what the majority of people around them are wearing.


One thought on “Fashion in Media

  1. Is a sari a climate based or tradition based clothing choice? What other cultural influences might impact general style between the US and Europe?

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