Fashion in Media

In our society, technology has played a huge impact in our lives that it can be misconstrued as an obsession. It is unimaginable how well technology helps us connect to the world; it links us media sites  like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so much more. Observing media presentations of fashion through local and global media, you can conclude different possibilities.  I believe local media in terms of fashion is the environment around you that factors in the decisions you make when you go shopping.  For example people probably dress differently in Rhode Island than California. However by observing the environment around them they can start to learn the trends and pick on what would be appropriate. I believe it’s better to observed local media physically than through technology because you can make more of a personal connection when you experience it firsthand.  I believe global media in terms of fashion are the trends we can see through technology.  The technologies we are presented with helps us make a better connection with fashion; for example I can learn about new trends in Paris just by going on the internet. Even though you are not physically experiencing it, you can still get a good understanding on the world of fashion and what it tells you.


One thought on “Fashion in Media

  1. Can we better identify different “local” fashion despite our physical distance? Or do the lines between local fashions get fuzzier?

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