Fashion in Media

It can be observed that the local and global media has a great impact on the fashion industry and its nature today. It is a very successful marketing communication practice that is used by markets around the world, especially in breaking message clutter because it increases the credibility and effectiveness of advertisements. This helps to enhance brand recognitions for those industries in the fashion world because it stimulates positive attitudes towards these brands and helps to increase their sales as well as profits. Conveyed through mass media, both local and global, celebrities with worldwide popularity are used in celebrity endorsement, which also helps to promote fashion in the way that consumers want to purchase and wear what they see famous people wearing on these social media networks. Local media such as radio stations, television and newspapers are beneficial to the world of fashion in the way that it conveys what is currently trending and popular within this industry to the people in the communities or metropolitan areas that they are located in. They can keep up to date and listen to what new events are taking place within the fashion industry by watching fashion shows, or even TV shows like E news that usually talks about the latest styles celebrities are wearing on the red carpet. As for global media, globalization is rapidly growing and becoming an inevitable phenomenon that is leading the entire world towards becoming one market, a global village in which media plays an important role. Since markets are expanding internationally mass media helps to portray these different trends and styles that are taking place and keeps these developing areas up to date. Social media like Instagram, Pinterest and blogging gives people the ability to keep up with what is popular in the fashion industry today because there are specific fashion bloggers that will post about this information as well as accounts you can follow on Instagram or Pinterest which gives you personal insight on what is taking place. This helps benefit the fashion industry because these media sites draw attraction to our generation in the way that we are always using technology like our cellphones and computers to keep up on what is popular so it is a good way for companies and brand names to advertise themselves.

Examples of famous fashion bloggers:

Examples of popular Pinterest accounts :


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