Fashion and Media

Media, specifically social media, has drastically changed the fashion industry. Fashion used to be for the elite upper class. High fashion and fashion shows were only seen by people of importance in the fashion industry. Media changed this. Any average person could pick up a magazine or view online the new looks and styles of popular designers. Social media further changed this by making this interaction instant. We can now see what is happening at fashion shows live. We can see instagrams, tweets, or snapchats of what is happening in the fashion world thousands of miles away from us within a few seconds of it actually occurring. This opens a whole new door to people and eliminates the exclusivity of the fashion world. Where you once had to be an “important person” to lay eyes on the new collections at fashion week, the average person can now stream it live from the internet or see it on several forms of social media. Social media also gives the average person a voice in the fashion industry. Before media, we had to read about the fashion world through the perspective of the people in it (ex. magazine editors, fashion reporters). Now there are fashion bloggers whos opinions are read by thousands over social media. Some bloggers opinions have become so important they too are being invited to fashion shows. Although all this makes you wonder about the importance of attending the fashion shows. If an average person can get a better view of the runway streaming it live in their own home are they just as present as someone there? Social media has globally expanded our “here and now”. “Here” is not just where you physically are anymore since we can see and access events in real time from all over the globe.

I found an article which talks about the relationship between social media and fashion/designers.

2 thoughts on “Fashion and Media

  1. I found the article very interesting and would have to agree with you. Social media has had such a drastic change for the world of fashion. I do not think it is something we really think about because we are so used to having the Internet at the tips of our fingers. I thought it was an interesting point that you made that you used to have to be someone of status in order to view the world of fashion. This just proves how at one point only the “important people” and high class has access to new trends and styles on the runway. But now, anyone can view these styles and copy them. “Here” has definitely gone from physical to virtual as well.

  2. I agree that social media has made a dramatic impact on the world of fashion. Is the democratization of fashion really a new concept? What does it mean that high fashion is more accessible? Or that we expect it to be accessible?

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