Blog 3 Media in local and global fashion

Fashion is incredibly diverse globally but Media in some areas of the globe has a stronger effect in some parts than others. Media today makes it very simple to see other fashions around the globe but all media isn’t trying to push it onto consumers but could be showing diversity. Looking at National Geographic’s global fashion photos you can see that fashion is different all around the world. Some wearer’s choose what to wear based on religion, occupation, or region; you can even see that the ports and how many foreigners go through influence some cities fashions.

Media has a strong hold on fashion in the United States and utilizes their methods on consumers constantly. In the U.S we are technology driven and are always driving by stores, seeing commercials, and following influential people so we often have media and celebrities showing us what is new and cool to wear and the many different ways we can go about purchasing the items. Places that aren’t so media and consumer driven don’t have as much influencing their choices. They could wear the traditional clothes, or whatever options that the seller made.

National Geographic Photos


3 thoughts on “Blog 3 Media in local and global fashion

  1. I like how you introduced the media on a global scale and discussed the cultural aspects in the fashion industry. Many of us are too focused on the appearance of the clothing or the brand that the newest and most popular celebrity is wearing and less on the fact that clothing is culturally influential which I think is a beautiful thing. It is so neat that we can use technology to see what individuals in other countries are wearing and why they are wearing. It broadens and brings together the view of the world to see different cultures and religions.

  2. I love the idea of using National Geographic images to show global fashion. It’s different to think about living in a world where we don’t have media influence, that you just wear what you have available to you. With the amount of technological advances we have today, there are still parts of the world that don’t, which to me is crazy to think about. I wonder how it is to only be influenced by your visual surroundings, and if it effects individuals thoughts on dress and appearance.

  3. Are non-technology driven cultures that drastically different from ours in having fashion influences? Does media and technology create the need for innovation and newness along with creating the solution?

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