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Media presentations are so relevant in the fashion industry. Fashion is constantly being showcased through different versions of media, both locally and globally. However, the media shows that local and global fashions are very different. One of the most prevalent media sources in today’s fashion industry is Instagram, a form of social media. I chose to look at a local Rhode Island brand, Kiel James Patrick, and a global brand, H&M, and compare and contrast their Instagram accounts.

Kiel James Patrick’s Instagram portrays the stereotypical New England lifestyle. As shown in the below photos taken from their Instagram, Kiel James Patrick is a very preppy fashion brand. There are a lot of bright colors, patterns, and typical preppy styles.

IMG_4023  IMG_4022 (@KJP on Instagram)

H&M is a global fashion company. Their Instagram showcases an entirely different style than the local Kiel James Patrick brand. The H&M brand, as shown in the photos taken from their Instagram below, has more of a dark and European feel.

IMG_4025IMG_4024 (@HM on Instagram)

These two Instagram accounts show how different fashions are in different locations. The local brand, Kiel James Patrick, is much more reflective of the New England lifestyle than the global brand, H&M, which reflects a more worldly and European vibe. By looking at both of these Instagram accounts, we can see that fashion is very psycho-demographic. The fashion and style of a brand depends on the mindset of the people who live in the location where the brand is popular.


4 thoughts on “Alex Heidenthal- Blog 3

  1. Alex… I agree with everything you are saying! I liked looking at instagrams you provided to prove your point! It worked! You are so right that fashion is different in different locations.

  2. It was so interesting how you compared a local designer to a huge brand like H&M. I never really thought how they compared and contrasted. I agree though, fashion is very pyscho-demographic but I also think that there are certain fashions that are global. Like you can go to France and see a girl wearing a fashion that is relevant to where we live. Do you agree?

  3. Do global brands like H&M look the same in different locations? Do people style them the same? Or different? What does that say about how they are interpreted?

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