Fashion moment videos

Watching the videos on how some of my classmates realized fashion matters was super interesting! There were some common factors between the videos, along with my own. One thing that was similar is that everyone noticed fashion mattered at a young age. I am also in this category so I can relate to all four girl’s videos! The first, second and fourth video I watched were super similar in the sense that they all noticed because of something to do with school and other people. Some of the girls were made fun of for what they wore to school and asked their mom to pick out their own outfits and start wearing different clothes. One girl noticed fashion mattered when helping her parents out with their business in this industry! This is a positive event that took place in someone’s life, which helped show him or her what he or she wanted to do with his or her life. What surprised me is how much your parents inspire this moment. For me, it was asking my mom to dress me differently from my twin, along with all the videos I watched that had to do with their parents as well. It surprises me that girls can make fun of other girls for what they are wearing at such a young age. It sucks that we live in a society where girls make fun of other girls and tear each other down… People should just be able to wear what they want!


3 thoughts on “Fashion moment videos

  1. I agree that most of the fashion moment videos related to school. It is very surprising how some children can act towards their peers at such a young age. I know that one of my friends got bullied in elementary school over a pair of shoes that she had. The influence of peers can have a big impact on someone at a young age which probably explains why most of us had our first fashion moments around elementary school. I know when I was younger I was heavily influenced by what all of my friends were wearing until I got older and started to figure out my own style.

  2. It’s a damn shame kids get made fun of for what they wear. I’m sure we have all been victims and aggressors in this scenario. But bullying isn’t cool, many don’t have the fortune to wear what they really want, and some just wear clothes. I hope for understanding from our peers on our personal dress code.

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